Will USDT price keep going down?What should you do next step?

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Everyone is talking about Tether and Bitfinex these weeks, and some investors are concerned whether this is a scam or whether Tether is a threat to Bitcoin. Should we be scared about severe consequences? And these situation that USDT price keep going down these days made so many investors complaint about their profits greatly reduced or even sustained losses. Evenmore, it made the investors hesitate and don't know whether to go on this road or not. Here is the recent USDT price trend and Tether Forecast, Short-Term USDT/USD Price Prediction for Next Days.

usdt price forecast

As we know, there is a obviously falling curve and don’t know when can go up. What a profoundly affecting things for the investors!

However, please focus on this chart, Tether Forecast, Long-Term Price Predictions for Next Months and Year: 2018, 2019.

tether price forecast

In the long-term views, USDT price still has the go up round. But in general, the future will still maintain a stable price, it is recommended that investors have to according to the price alteration to pay more closer attention to the market to do the suitable investment.

It is worth to say that Epay and Tether have been cooperated for a long time, they bring the both sides the mutually beneficial. Here comes two plans for you to make the suitable investment.

How to sell Tether in Epay: (Based on investor's market analysis)

Exchange USDT to USD

1.How to: Deposit USDT to Epay to cash out, you can click this link to learn detailed steps.


Then you can cash out to bank via Wire Transfer, or e-currencies like Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer etc.
2. Totally free to deposit USDT to Epay, only take 0.9%-1% fee to cash out.

Where can I Buy USDT? Buy USDT from Epay.com

How can you buy USDT through the trusted platform ?  Epay support multi-ways to deposit: USDT, Wire Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram or Epay authorized exchangers and other E-currencies like Perfect Money. It means, you can only take 1% fee to buy Tether from Epay Wire Transfer service.

Detailed step: https://www.epay.com/en/c/how_to_withdraw_usdt_from_epay_com

Tips: Epay.com will process the order within 24 hours as soon as the order is updated.

For the investor, they can make the USDT circulation conveniently in Epay. Not only the USDT,but also the Bitcoin. To ensure the Epay.com service quality, many trading has their own limited time: Within 1 hour, except for the weekend.



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