Why you should abandon traditional payment and choose online payment?





Payment methods in Southeast Asia have always varied across different markets: cash on delivery, bank/ATM transfers, credit cards, mobile wallets, etc. 

Due to the nascent nature of e-payments. More than 73% of the region’s population is still unbanked – 438 million – and lack trust in sharing information through online channels. 

In a country like Thailand, the use of online payment is still low due to the lack of trust perceived by its people. Thus, it hinders the growth of e-commerce in the country which will further affect the whole region.

However, Thailand is not only the country that feels insecure with its system. In a Nielsen’s report, cash still holds an unchanging significance to the southeast Asian. Therefore, providing cash payment method should be the key to win their purchasing decision. The survey has recorded a very strong preference in cash, with the Philippines leading (74%), Thailand(68%), Vietnam(61%) and Malaysia(60%)

With the rise of fintech and ecommerce, it is important to educate consumers on the convenience and ease of online payment methods.

So. in this article, let’s dig out the advantages of online payment.

First. about the security.

Most of Southeast Asian don’t trust online payment company because of they afraid that their privacy would be leaked. Or they worry about scams. At this point, what you should know is a regular online payment company has money service license. You can check it on the About section on their website. More addition, 

a payment company is regulated by local laws, they can’t do anything beyond laws. 

Second, about the convenience compared to traditional payment way.

For example. if you want to buy something, with traditional payment way, you need to go to a physical store with plenty of cash. it is not safe too. but if you use online payment, you can buy things from an online website and don’t have to go out. Online payment saves time and energy.

Third, the superiority in global money transfer.

Do you still remember the terrible experience to fill out lots of complicated forms at bank when sending money abroad? With online payment company, it takes a few minutes only. The fee is even much lower than banks, you know that banks always charges a high fee because there is a hidden fee inside. Last, about the speed, same-day delivery is possible with online money transfer, but banks always take 3-7 working days.

Science and technology are changing our way of living every day. We should accept the changes because they bring us convenience. With online payment, life becomes easier.

Here I am introducing fast and secure online payment providers to you, which is Epay. You can send money to friends online for free, and also make global money transfer with it. For example. if you are a house helper in Hong Kong, you need to send salary back to the Philippines every month, no matter how much to send, Epay charges 12 HKD only. Epay helps to save lots of time and money for you.


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