What is Ethereum? Here's Thing You Need to Know

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In 2015, Ethereum made its debut, incorporating bitcoin's basic blockchain premise and Litecoin's pursuit of faster transaction speed, but adding a few of its own twists -- including the ability to process little chunks of code, called "smart contracts" -- and on its virtual peer-to-peer network as opposed to a dedicated server or mining rig.

ETH is a digital token from Ethereum. Developers need to pay ETH to support their applications in Ethereum. Like other digital currencies, Ether is traded on the trading platform.In a certain degree, If you think of Ethereum as a new world, then Ether is the currency of this new world that supports the operation in it. It can be used to buy services and so on.

Let us pay attention to the Ethereum price from 2015 to the present.

In general, the prices have been rising with slight fluctuations, however, in the case of price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency, this is very normal.

Macro trader Mike Novogratz Thinks $1500 ETH Is Coming Soon. Former Fortress hedge fund maestro Michael “Mike” Novogratz has really become something of a cheerleader for the Ethereum community in recent weeks. Novogratz is already a legend in the community for buying 500,000 ETH when they were still $1 USD each. Appearing commonly on CNBC to discuss crypto, Novogratz forecast ETH hitting $500 just weeks ago — which it did at the end of November 2017. Now, in an even newer interview with CNBC, Novogratz just said that he sees $1500 ETH materializing before the end of 2018.

“Bitcoin could be at $40,000 at the end of 2018. It easily could. And I think Ethereum, which I think just touched $500 or is getting close, could be triple where it is as well.”That would be a 200 percent increase in value from where ETH is sitting at press time, which would be impressive. According to this trend, its price will be very impressive in the future. Ethereum will give investors confidence and surprise in the near future.

Where can I buy ETH?

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