What happened to Tether? USDT still working normal on Epay.com





Bitcoin cruised past $8,000 for the first time this week (Now it's gone through $10,000), but it hasn't been smooth sailing for all after Tether - a company that helps exchanges convert fiat currency to token - said today that a hacker snatched almost $31 million.

According to a now deleted post on its website, Tether said a "malicious action by an external attacker" resulted in the theft of the tokens, Coin Desk said.
$30,950,010 was taken in total on Sunday, the USA Company said.

In response Tether said it has flagged the tokens - meaning that it will track them and prevent the holder from exchanging them through its service - and that it is working to recover them.
Tether's cryptocurrency, the USDT, is pegged to the USD dollar.

What happened to Tether

Tether.to team is doing a full system re-install and platform audit.

All user funds are accounted for and no tether user will loose funds. The amount stolen is unspendable by the attackers and all USDT accepting services have blacklisted the balances that were stolen. The attackers can try to move the funds but will not be able to spend them. They will not be accepted by anyone who uses the updated wallet client. The group of companies using Theter is relatively small and we have reached most of them.

The only problem could be that someone accepts tether in a not updated wallet client (and for instance returns BTC to the sender of the USDT) and the transaction contains indirect inputs from the theft. If then the receiver were to send the USDT to Kraken or Bitfinex or any other service that did update to the new wallet, the part of the balance that is the result of the theft will be refused.

Any USDT user that uses a local wallet needs to update or will risk receiving and accepting invalid USDT that will not be spendable.


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