How to start and promote an ecurrency exchange business even without a website?

The world of e-currency throws up many interesting and profit making employment opportunities. Maybe I can say boldly that electronic currency is changing business. In today's global market place, e-currency exchange has a very crucial position. Therefore, the presence of an e-currency exchanger is being felt increasingly.

The question now is how do you seize the opportunity to start your own exchange business?

Starting your own business with Epay e-currency auto exchanger script, is not just about having a dream. Start your own e-currency exchange business with Epay, you don't need to reserve funds in multiple e-currencies accounts and process orders. Cause you will benefit from our experience and technical support.

Solved the first question, then how do you really start next?

Take it easy, we will guide step by step until you can solve it by yourself.

Step1: Log into your Epay account, Click 'My Epay' --> 'Account Setting', as shown in the image:

Epay account setting

Step2: And then click 'Account Security':

Epay account security

Step3: Type your payment password to log into the security center, as shown below:

Epay payment password

Step4: Enter into the Account security, Click 'Application program interface(API)', Please be sure to remember to click 'Enable' to enable API, as shown below:

Application program interface(Epay API)

Step5: Pop up 'Success' Notice, click 'Confirm', and then you can set the fees first, the details are as follows:

set the exchange fees

Step6: Click 'Set the fees', and get into the fee setting page, as shown in the image:
1) In this step, you can set a same fee for all e-currencies at one time, only need to enter the value what you want in 'You Profit' box, click 'Confirm', all done!
(Note: The amount of profit you set will determine how much you will gain)

exchange profits

2) If you want to set different fee for every e-wallet, please click 'Advanced setting', and then you can set the value what you want, click 'Update'.

exchange fees

Step7: After completing the fee setting, click 'Go Back' to return to 'API' page, you need to 'Get the code', as shown below:

Epay API Page

Step 8: Get the code
Shortcut Process - The exchangers (merchants) do not have their own website.

ecurrency exchangers

Step 9: Promote your link

Simply copy and share the corresponding sample link to social networking sites, then you can start the exchange business.
To maximize your profits, we recommend that you attract new users who operate online stores or similar Internet businesses, generating plenty of sales/transactions. Forums, blogs, social networks, mailing lists, etc.

promote your exchange business to facebook


automatic ecurrency exchange


exchange business to forum



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