Guide: How to choose a good payment gateway to help starting your business?

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In recent years, whether E-commerce or M-commerce, both get a great development, and the trend is still growing at an incredible speed. Although E-commerce industry has a bright future, but there are still many merchants are hard to start their business. As we all know, once you start doing your E-commerce or M-commerce business, there must be the transfer of funds, money must change hands from your business to suppliers and from customers to yours.

In order to achieve the transfer of money, you may need to ask a help for the third-party payment platform. However, many merchants are difficult to find a secure, reliable and high-efficiency payment gateway, thus they can't do their business. It can thus be seen that the payment gateway plays a significantly important role in the E-commerce business.

Reliable payment gateway can not only help you improve your sales, but it can also help you win good reputation, at the same time, it also brings a lot of users. A successful merchant, undoubtedly has a good payment gateway support, furthermore, a good payment gateway usually has the following points:

how to choose a payment gateway

Firstly, it can help you ensure to make a payment quickly and easily;
Secondly, protect your customer's money and privacy;
Thirdly, express the trustworthiness to your customers, so they can feel secure to hand over their money.

Therefore, if you want to get good grades in this area, choosing the payment gateway should be a remarkable factor. But in the face of multiple different payment gateway, how can you know which one will be suitable for you?

Generally speaking, many merchants are willing to look for these payment platform that had a lot of user base, of course, the price is also very important factor. High quality and inexpensive, has been one of the most important factors to attract customers. So choosing a good payment platform act as your API, you need to consider all factors.

Combined with the above analysis, as a successful merchant, high-quality product, fast and efficient service, good payment gateway, all of them are essential. But the first two are objective existence, the latter need to our subjective choice, so making a right choice will particularly important.

Assuming that we take the Epay API as an example. If you are a new merchant, oriented to the overseas market, and aimed at the global users, as it happens, your websites need to support multiple payment options, including OKPAY, Payeer, Bitcoin, Perfect money, Advcash, Western Union, MoneyGram, Wire transfer, credit card, debit card, etc. There is no doubt that Epay API will be the best choice.

Firstly, Epay is a developing enterprise, it needs some new merchant support, while they can offer your low-cost and good service, this is a win-win situation. Secondly, as a new merchant, you need a certain customer base, if you integrate with Epay API, their registered users will become your customers, at the same time, their developed trading platform, like BTC, OKPAY, Payeer, Perfect Money, Advcash, Wire transfer, etc, have a lot of users, they all will also become your potential customers, this is undoubtedly beneficial for you.

So if you are a merchant, or being about to become a merchant, Epay payment gateway will be a good choice.


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