New cryptocurrency? Buy bwcoin in BWEX, Epay new merchant.





It is no surprised to heard about new cryptocurrency launch to market, however, this cryptocurrency is worth to mention. Epay new merchant, BWEX, is cryptocurrency exchange platform that only spend 0.1% fee for each transaction. In BWEX you can buy the bitcoin on it, but also can hold their cryptocurrency, which value is 1 BWC = 1 USD at ICO.

Especially your monthly payment is equal to 40% of the profits earned by the company in the last 30 days, multiplied by the number of tokens you have, divided by the total number of supply token. The payment date will be announced on the BWEX website.

Monthly Payment = (40% x Benefits x Tokens you have) / Number of Supply Token

You can click this link to find out the Bwex in Epay:


For the long-term, standard of merchant in Epay is selected in high service and huge users to become the base requirement. Since every choice will make the direct influence for Epay users experience so that there is no worry about the selected merchants.

How to buy the bwcoin in BWEX?

1.login in BWEX dashboard, and choose make deposit.

buy bitcoin

2.Enter the amount of BWC you want to buy. And choose Epay payment method.

3.Don’t forget to input your epay email and deposit amount.


In addition, BWEX is preparing to promote the trade of bitcoin services, is expected to go launch in April. Please wait and see. After that you can enjoy more comprehensive service in bwex.


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