Most popular remittance methods for HK OFWs to send money back to the Philippines





Send money to a family in the Philippine is a must for every OFWs. It is the reason why 210,000 OFWs left 1300 km away from home to work. All OFWs in Hong Kong are looking for a fast and cheap way to send money home, with the hope the family can receive more money. Therefore, various online payment providers have emerged to provide remittance service to them.

Compare to the traditional bank transfer, online payment is more convenient, easier and cheaper. But in the face of so many competitions, which online payment provider stands out?

Top 1 Alipay HK and Wechat HK

After visiting Filipino maids in Hong Kong and communicating with them online, it is told that 2 payment giants Alipay HK and Wechat HK are the most welcome. They have common advantages. Both of them have top-up agents in lots of convenience store, such as seven eleven and Circle K.

All they need to do is to top up with cash at convenience store. We all know that they seldom have their own bank account. It is very convenient for them to deposit with cash. More addition. It is free to remit money with Alipay and Wechat in a long period of time. This is the reason why they prefer to send money home with them.

Top 2 TNG wallet

TNG is a local online wallet in Hong Kong, and it is very popular in Hong Kong. They often invite OFWs to participate in activities at their office spaces and give away lots of gifts. To send money with TNG wallet you can get coupons. It can be used for remittance next time. More addition, TNG wallet is also an online shopping APP. The remittance fee is also acceptable.

Top 3 Epay

Epay starts to provide remittance service to some of the countries this year, only a few remittance routes are supported, it includes remit from Hong Kong to the Philippines. The biggest advantage of easy payment is the remittance fee.

Compared with other famous online payment providers, the fee provided by Epay is far less. Epay has an absolute advantage not only in fees but also in the exchange rate. Many people think that the exchange rate is definitely not good for such a low fee. However, the exchange rate provided by Epay is the same as the mid-market rate, which means Epay will not earn any fees from the exchange rate.

So,how cheap to send money from Hong Kong to the Philippines with Epay?

No matter how much to send, hundreds, thousands, or more. it is always cost 12 HKD only, an excellent price for t for anyone with a small or large remittance demand.

Do you get it? the popular remittance methods to send money from Hong Kong to the Philippines in 2019.


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