How to integrate Epay API into your Shopify shop?

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Step1 to Step3 should be finished on


Step1: Register an Epay account
1. Please register a personal account or company account, here with the link to sign up:

2. Sign up video guide 


Step2: Apply to be a Merchant
1. Log in your Epay account, and click "My Epay" -- "Appy to be Merchant" as below:

apply to be a merchant

2. In "Apply to be Merchant" Page, please fill in the information required.

shopify merchant

3. Then click "Confirm", you will read the notice "Merchant information submitted successfully!"
(Epay will verify your application within 1 working day usually.)

fill merchant information

4. And please add Epay logo on your website firstly, logo samples are displayed in "Logo Center" section.
Do not forget to insert your referral link, which enables you get more rewards from its referrals.

Please find logo in here.

Please find your referral link from "Affiliate Program". affiliate program

Here is a demo screenshot from


5. You can start to integrate Epay API during the merchant verification. 


Step3: Install Epay Pay Plugin-in for Shopify Merchant
1. Back to "Epay Home Page", then Click "Payment Gateways" --> "Friendly reminder" --> "shopping Carts document download",
Click "Download" to get "Epay API installation Guide".

Epay API installation Guide


2. Check the documents, and find "Directions to Install EpayPayPlug-in for Shopify Merchant".


Step4 will be finished on Shopify website.
Step4: Adding Epay pay in Shopify store.
1. Log in Shopify store.(Suggest logging in from this authoritative link)

Adding Epay pay in Shopify store

2. Then please click "Install payment provider".

Install payment provider

3. Afterwards, please select "Epay Pay" in the "Alternative payments".

Epay Pay


4. Fill in your Epay account and password.

access to Epay api


5. If succeed, you will receive an email sent by Shopify reads Epay Pay has been added.

shopify merchant payment gateway

6. Refresh the page, you will see Epay Pay has been supported already.

Shopify Epay payment option



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