How to integrate Epay API to help lift sales?

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If you are considering expanding your global business, the key is to find a secure and efficient payment gateway to get paid quickly.

Add Epay as a payment option, make it easier for your business. Epay API is entire open interface which is developed by Epay, all the Epay users can receive payments through Epay API.

Then, how to integrate Epay API?

Step1: Register a company account

1. You need to register a company account first, click here:, start to sign up;

How to register a company account: (Video Guide)


Step2: After completing the registration, you need to apply for a Merchant account. Steps are as follows:

1. Log in your Epay account, click "My Epay", "Appy to be Merchant", shown as below:

how to apply merchant

2. Enter into "Apply to be Merchant" Page, Fill in the following information:

epay merchant

3. Click "Confirm", After click it, you can see "Merchant information submitted successfully"! (Please add Epay logo on your website first,Click "logo" to link to

epay merchant list

Please Note: Remember to add your referral link, which will help you get more referrals.

Firstly, Find your referral link, as shown below:

earn money with

Secondly, how to add you referral link, taking GoldUX as an example, as shown in the image:

epay exchanger partner-xmlgold


4. When you waiting for the verification pass, you can start to integrate API at the same time. 


Step3: Integrate Epay API.

1. Enable API: Login to your Epay account, click"My Epay"—"Account Setting"—"Account Security", input payment password, then to enable API.

integrate epay api

2. After you click "Enable", you can see the below page:

integrate epay api to collect money

3. You need to download the SCI document from here:

download SCI document

4. You need to follow the Shopping Carts documents to finish integrate API.

shopping carts api

Congratulations! After you finish all these steps and pass the merchant verification, you will become our official merchant.


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