How to Transfer Money from India to USA?

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Staying in a different country or having a loved one stay in a different country can be difficult. One of the biggest problems you can face is how to transfer money overseas.  Over the years many different options are available to transfer money from India to USA. Here are a few ways of how to transfer/send money from India to USA, do remember each option has its own pros & cons and the best one would depend upon your situation.


1.Epay Global Remittance

EPAY is a third-party global payment company headquartered in Hong Kong. Founded on March 21, 2014, English name epay, official website, Epay is committed to providing online payment processing services to enterprises and users around the world to solve the international online payment problem under the globalization trend.

Epay Global Remittance is one of  Epay business,it using blockchain technologies to implement  a cross-border payment. It is different from the traditional remittance method, and has two characteristics: fastest and low cheapest(only 1%~2%point). Through Eusd,equivalent to USD connects more than 3,000 currency changer shop  in the world, and preferentially matches the lowest rate exchanger. If you are a overseas worker,you need to transfer money to your family ,so choice Epay, more faster, within two hours, the cost only needs 1%~2%


  1. Wire Transfers

You can still transfer money the old-fashioned way. International Wire Transfers are done with the help of SWIFT, which is one of the largest international payment networks in the world. In fact, SWIFT transfers are responsible for the majority of international payments all over of the world. All the major banks in India offer Swift Wire Transfer facility, you would need to visit your bank to facilitate it.


  1. Paypal

One of the simplest ways to transfer money is through Paypal. All you have to do is create a Paypal account and attach it to your Indian Bank account. You can then transfer money from the bank to your Paypal account and then to another Paypal account. The only factor to keep an eye on are the transaction charges which is a bit high.


  1. TransferWise

A very convenient way to make international transfers, TransferWise is cheap, reliable and quick. Rather than exchanging your money to another currency, they simply deposit the amount you have transferred into the recipient’s account from their own funds and deposit your money into their own account. This allows them to offer a much better exchange rate than most other money transfer services. TransferWise has become one of the most popular ways to make international money transfers in the world.


  1. Foreign Currency

Anyone travelling abroad for tourism, studies or employment purpose can purchase foreign currency and carry upto 2000$ as per the Reserve Bank of India. The remaining amount can be purchased in the form of traveller’s cheque or banker’s draft which is payable overseas.


  1. Forex Card

Just like a debit/prepaid card, you can load US dollar in your Forex Card and withdraw anywhere in the US. All the major banks in India such as SBI, Axis Bank, HDFC, ICICI Bank etc offer Forex Cards and you can get it the same day you apply. Its always handy to carry a forex card while travelling to USA, the money can be loaded almost instantly in India during bank hours and its a smooth process. A small fees is charged every time while loading the card and also when you use an ATM to withdraw the money. Its a better option to use the Forex Cards if the remittance amount is less than 5000 USD


  1. Post offices

Not many people are aware of this but you can send money through post offices. The Indian Postal Service offers a service called MO Videsh that allows outward remittance. It works with a number of international companies to make this service possible. Each transfer shall not exceed 5000 USD & maximum of 12 transfer is permissible each year.


  1. OutRemit

This is the best way to transfer money for the purpose of paying education fees. Not only do they charge very little for each transaction, you can transfer the money easily from home. They also offer a great exchange rate, which makes it better to use OutRemit to pay tuition fees than other traditional methods.


  1. MoneyGram

A very popular company used to transfer money, MoneyGram functions as a bank. After you deposit the money, the money can be accessed through another location. This allows the recipient to withdraw the money in the US, as they would from a bank.


  1. Demand Drafts

It is possible to get a Foreign Currency Demand Draft made in order to send someone money abroad. If you are sending a draft to the US, it will be made in dollars and a corresponding amount will be deducted from your account. However, this method is the slowest and it can take weeks for the draft to reach its destination. It is better to use it as a last resort.


Easy Peasy !

Now, you no longer have to stress about how to transfer money from India to the US. With so many ways available, this process has become easy and quick. You can choose which method suits your needs the best and transfer money accordingly. One thing that you must keep in mind is that some of these methods have a limit on the amount of money you can send at once and the number of transactions you can make.

Also as per the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS) by Reserver Bank of India, the citizens of Indian can transfer money from India to US or any countries upto $250,000 per person per year and there are no restrictions on the frequency of remittances under LRS scheme.

We hope this helps alleviate some concerns that you may have about transferring money from India to USA, if you have a question or doubt feel free drop in a comment.


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