How to start your e-currency auto exchange business with Epay?

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Step1: Log into your Epay account, Click 'My Epay' --> 'Account Setting', as shown in the image

Epay account setting

Step2: And then click 'Account Security'

Epay account security

Step3: Type your payment passwork to log into the security center, as shown below:

epay security center

Step4: Enter into the Account security, Click 'Application program interface(API)', Please be sure to remember to click 'Enable' to enable API, as shown below:

epay api

Step5: Pop up 'Success' Notice, click 'confirm', and then you can set the fees first, the details are as follows:

epay exchanger script

Step6: Click 'set the fees', and get into the fee setting page, as shown in the image:

1) In this step, you can set a same fee for all e-currencies at one time, only need to enter the value what you want in 'you profit' box, click 'confirm', all done!

(Note: The amount of profit you set will determine how much you will gain)

get free exchanger script

2) If you want to set different fee for every e-wallet, please click 'Advanced setting', and then you can set the value what you want, click 'update'.

set exchange fees


Step7: After completing the fee setting, click 'Go Back' to return to 'API' page, you need to 'Get the code', as shown below:

E-currency Auto Exchange Script

Step8: Click 'Get the code', you can see three kinds of 'E-currency Auto Exchange Script' samples, you can choose any sample what you like, click 'corresponding Code sample', as shown in the image.

auto exchanger script

Step9: And then Click 'Ctrl A--> Ctrl C' to copy the code, as shown in the image, and insert the code into your website.

start e-currency exchange business

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