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You were looking for real ways to make money online? With so much competition and so many people and headlines vying for our attention, sifting through and finding reputable sources to generate any respectable amount of income through the web has become an ever-increasing challenge. It's not easy making money online today. But today, Epay features an excellent two-level referral system available to both business and individual users.

Epay invites everyone to take advantage of a special referral opportunity. We believe we have the best referral program out of all those offered by payment systems. Epay offers a simple and reliable two-level referral affiliate program.

Definition of the Two-Level Referral System

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What is Commission?
You, as a referrer, will benefit from referred users' actions and transactions as follows.

payment commission


Please note that we pay referral fees only for transaction where we receive fee (see the fees table).
For transaction with zero commission, no referral bonus is paid. All referral bonus are deducted from Epay fee, meaning we share our earnings with you.

Where and How to Publish Information
To maximize your profits, we recommend that you attract new users who run online stores or similar Internet businesses, resulting in plenty of sales/transactions. Forums, blogs, social networks, mailing lists, and more. The Internet has a great many like-minded professionals in many areas of knowledge and activity. All you need to do is inform these people about us and make them interested in our services. Please do not use SPAM. Informational mailings must be clearly authorized by the recipients with the content fine-tuned to their interests.

Where to find information about Epay and its advantages
You will need to create unique content defined Epay services in order to interest and attract your target audience. In order to let the person be much familiar with our service.
You can use our Promotional graphics, logos and banners. Click here to get our logos and banners in practically all styles and dimensions. You are free to use any of this material in your promotions.


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