How to deposit your Epay with Wire Transfer?

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  1. Enter the bank deposit page and fill in the information;

Click "Next";

If you have not filled out the bank account information, you can click “Add Bank Information” on the right to redirect to the bank account information filling page. After filling in, you can re-enter the bank deposit page to create the deposit order.



  1. Confirm the order information and click “Confirm” to submit the order;

Please note:

  • Prohibit third party remittance
  • Please place the wire transfer order first, then carry out the remittance business.
  • When sending from Hong Kong, if the remittance slip involves “payment use”, please select “other”, the content can be written as “service”. If you choose “investment, travel, education fee” etc., the bank will not be credited, Please make sure to fill in the order number in the "Postcard"



  1. The order is created successfully, please check the information carefully and perform the wire transfer operation according to the information;

Please note:

Since the transfer bank may charge a wire transfer fee, we recommend that you pay all fees when you wire transfer. Epay does not bear any bank charges, we will process your recharge order based on the actual amount of wire transfer received.



  1. After user completes the wire transfer operation, Epay will deposit the corresponding account after receiving the payment;

You can click on "Details" in the transaction history to view the order details; if you need to cancel the order, click "Cancel".



Please note that:

  1. For Wire Transfer, you need to verify your account before using it. (PS: All the information need to be real)
  2. The minimum deposit amount by Wire Transfer is 500000$

What is the deposit fee?

With Epay Wire Transfer deposit service is totally free, we don't charge any fees. Please refer to Fee details.


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