How to cash out your USDT?





Recentlt, many Chinese users have trapped in Bitcoin market because some policy problem. A huge amount of Bitcoins have been transfer into USDT. But there comes a big problem - How to cash out their USDT?

Good news! Epay has supported USDT for both of deposit and withdraw.

It's almost the best way I can ever find. Just deposit USDT into your Epay account,it will charge 0.5% fee. Then withdraw to Bank Wire or other E-currencies like Perfect Money, AdvCash, OKPAY and etc., it will charge 0.9%-1% fee for withdrawal.

Tether USD₮ deposit & withdrawal

How to cash out USDT on Epay?
1. Register on Epay:
2. Make a deposit order of USDT
3. Make a withdraw order after money credit to your balance.
4. Receive money.

How about the fee Epay charge?
Deposit USDT charge 1% fee. Withdraw to bank wire charge 1%.

The advantages of Epay
1. The lowest fee
Deposit USDT charge 0.5% fee. Withdraw to bank wire charge 1%.
If you wanna withdraw by E-currency, the fee will ever lower.
2. Quick and simple
Its compatible for you to use verified e-currency to do the payment.
3. Clear and convenient
All the records of receiving and amounts will be in an Epay account.
4. Nice services
Staffs of Epay is very nice to serve you. It's feeling very good when transact on Epay.

Don't hesitate to start your business on Epay! It's the best way to save money and enjoy the best services.


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