How to buy Bitcoin on via Epay no need for authentication?





As you know, we are working with some of the best Bitcoin trading platform and cloud mining in the world to create new solutions for That is because: Bitcoin is the currency of the future. is the first Bitcoin startup hosted at TheFamily, they deliver cryptocurrencies within seconds to Individuals and Institutions. Available in more than 50 countries, Bitit let you buy Bitcoin online by credit & debit cards and by cash in more than 100.000 Local stores around the world.

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Fresh new addition of available payment instruments on Bitit cryptocurrency platform, yeah, ofcourse "Epay" and it's not just Epay. Bitit and Epay have reached a cooperation agreement with Super SCI: With Epay Super SCI, users can select up to six E-currencies as their payment options such as Epay and Perfect Money. 1 API = 6 Payment Gateways, One Epay account, multiple payment ways transfer.

Then how to buy Bitcoin via e-currencies on

how to buy bitcoin online via Epay

1. Sign up/login
2. Choose "Epay" as your payment method.
3. Jump to the Epay payment interface. You are welcome to pay via Epay/Perfect Money/OKPAY/Payeer/Advcash/Fasapay

Why choose Epay to buy Bitcoin?

why choose epay to buy bitcoin

1. The cheapest cost
2. Multi payment options: 1 API = 6 Payment Gateways (Epay/PM/OKPAY/Payeer/Advcash/Fasapay)
3. No need for authentication

epay payment gateways


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