How do I buy Bitcoin with Epay USD on Coinroom?

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As we know,with the bitcoin this digital currency “fever” become more and more popular.Under this huge need,some of the bitcoin merchant is becoming appear now.Coinroom,digital currency trading platform has made a cooperation with Epay from some time ago,you can deposit to coinroom to buy bitcoin with Epay charge 1.2% fee.

It is worth to mention that,coinroom service covers the following cryptocurrencies: BTC,LTC,ETH,DASH,XMR,BCC,ZCOIN,PIVX,ZEC,LSK,VIA and BURST.

Epay exist some of the good bitcoin provider,if you want to use the to invest in bitcoin, the following information is good for you to make a decision, coinroom user evaluation and the way how to buy bitcoin with Epay at coinroom.


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How to buy bitcoin with Epay at coinroom.


1. Type in the and find the “Bitcoin” in the homepage, then enter coinroom website.



2. When you enter the coinroom, please register or login

3. Then you have the coinroom account, the following step is choose the Instant trade and Buy.


4. Select the one digital currency you want to buy,then choose to finish this trade. At the bottom of the page, you can see the clear fee on it.


5. At last, please login or register Epay account.


Easily follow these step, you have successfully purchased BTC from


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