How Can You Use 0 Transfer Fee To Buy Bitcoin In OTC789?

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It is hard to find the 0 transfer fee in nowadays cyptocurrency market. However, OTC789 only one formally implemented electronic wallet partner is Epay and users can enjoy the free transfer fee to buy and sell cryptocurrency service here with Epay.

OTC789 cooperate with Epay

OTC789 is operated by Ann Tech Ltd(BVI Company No:1942282), which is a P2P integrated digital asset trading platform for people who are interested in cryptocurrencies. There is ten kinds of the cryptocurrency to trade in OTC789 and very clear to show in the official website. Here comes teach you how to buy the bitcoin in OTC789 with Epay.

1. Log in/ sign up the OTC789 and epay account, you can register epay account through these QR code conveniently. And choose the bitcoin logo to buy or you can choose another one cryptocurrency button.

0 transfer fee to buy bitcoin

2.Secondly, please choose the suitable USD limit number’s bitcoin. And type the red “buy” button.

buy bitcoin

3.Enter the bitcoin amount and you can see the payment method risk is low, OTC789 will show you the trade security level to ensure your payment normal. Then click the send trade request.


4.Here comes the final confirm progress that wait the buyer confirmation and after that you can finish your payment complete. This all trade don’t need you to pay any transfer fee if you use the Epay payment method.

safe payment system

There is no doubt the best choice is to use the Epay payment method in OTC789. Not only the free transfer fee, but also the fast trade time for user. That is very important for each tradement. Another function of OTC789 is you can post your trade on it to be the sales, decide the price, the cryptocurrency and so on. However, If you do business often, you can create your own trading ad. If it is only an occasional transaction, they recommend that you search the trade ads directly.


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