Meet WEX bitcoin exchange platform, free to deposit to buy BTC with Epay





Free to Deposit WEX to Buy BTC via Epay

Announced by BTC-e via Twitter on Sep. 15th: "Let's go trade! subscribe to @WEXnz for futher updates." Which means WEX is allegedly the result of a months-long effort by the bitcoin exchange to return service to customers after it was raided and fined by US authorities in July. The new domain ( looks exactly like the old BTC-e trading platform, and the exchange is trading 1930 BTC worth of trade volume at the time of writing. Everything is the same minus the new name, and patrons will be pleased to see the 'troll box' is alive and well.

deposit to WEX

That must be a great news for all Bitcoin users, and now I will announce a better news for all of you.

WEX join hands with Epay, from now on, you can make deposit to WEX to buy Bitcoin with Epay USD charge 0% fee, yeah, totally free to deposit WEX. So far, WEX only supports Epay / Payeer / Internation Wire Transfer / Perfect Money / AdvCash 5 ways to deposit USD. But if you choose PM directly, you will be charged a fee of 1.99%.

As known, Epay is an E-currency (e-wallet) and a low-cost payment gateway integrating many globally popular e-currencies like Perfect Money, AdvCash, FasaPay, Payee, Payza and USDT etc. This time, WEX and Epay had reached a cooperation agreement with Super SCI: With Epay Super SCI, users can select up to six E-currencies as their payment options such as Epay and Perfect Money. 1 API = 6 Payment Gateways, One Epay account, multiple payment ways transfer.

Then how to deposit WEX via Epay?
1. Click "Finances" after you logging in your WEX account, find USD "Deposit" section. Then you can select "Epay" in the drop-down box.
2. If you hold Epay account already, you can directly "confirm" this step, after logging in, multi payment ways will be listed. Please make sure that your balance is sufficient, so that the order can be completed immediately.
3. Maybe you have no Epay account, or you won't want to get one for now, other payment gateways you can choose as an alternative, the cost is not high. As listed before, Epay Super SCI charge 1.5% fee (less than 1.99%) to deposit. By the way, if you have Epay account, and deposit PM to Epay, only charge 0.9%. Which way? You choose!

Epay supports 6 payment gateways

For Epay users, it is certainly a fairly simple operation. So, welcome to make deposit to WEX and make BTC/LTC/NMC trading with Epay.


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