Bitcoin VS Ethereum which one will be worth to invest?

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All the people like to compare the everything in their life,cryptocurrency are no exception.

So compared Ethereum with Bitcoin, what is the difference between them, which one is more valuable?

What’s the difference between bitcoin and Ether?

Both bitcoin and Ether are digital currencies based on blockchain technology that can be used to send money across borders without the need for a traditional bank.

The cryptocurrencies can also both be “mined”, unlike Ripple tokens, meaning users can earn bitcoin and Ether from home - provided they have the right equipment.

Bitcoin was created as an alternative to money, whereas Ethereum is more of a platform that facilitates companies building new applications and programs.

Which one is more valuable?

In 2016, Encrypted currency exchange Kraken and economist magazine cooperated a competition for the entire UK MBA.The question is Suppose you have $ 1 million to invest in bitcoin and ether. Within five years, you can not spend the money or change the investment quota. So how much do you invest in each of these two currencies? why?

All teams do not have a preconceived notion of any currency, and they use mathematical strategies to analyze the characteristics of ETH and BTC, including: Platform stability; demand; safety; Volatility; emotion  analysis; fluidity; flexibility; Supply. According to some teams, the value of bitcoin is higher than that of ethereum. It is estimated that the price of bitcoin will rise by 600% in 2020. The decentralization of Bitcoin has also laid an important foundation for its steady development and at the same time has determined the security of investment.

However, base on ETH price over the past few years, the cost and trading trends chart shows that in 2020, ETH will increase by as much as 550%.

After this competition, Bitcoin won more participants with 55% support. But 45% support rate proved to the participants' trust on ETH. In short, the potential of ETH in the market is obvious and can not be ignored.

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