Grand News! Epay official stablecoin Epay Dollar (EUSD) officially released!

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In the just past 2018, the cryptocurrency market has undergone a series of baptisms with violent shocks. Although it is also affected by the unstable market, the stablecoin such as USDT has finally come strong from it.

According to the experts.2019 will be the year that a booming year of stablecoin

As everyone in crypto market knows that, as the largest USDT provider, the deposit & withdraw volume of Epay take up 80% of global total volume.Moreover, as the first domestic official partner of Tether, Epay is becoming an essential channel of USDT cross-platform arbitrage.

For today’s push, We are going to share a grand news with you. that is we officially released our official stablecoin — — Epay Dollar( EUSD)!


What is EUSD? And what different experience it will bring to Epay users? Let’s explore it today one by one!

Pegged to USD + landing scenarios

Unlike most of other Stablecoins, EUSD has a global, complete landing scenarios expect the character it is pegged to to US Dollar. To support the value of EUSD by real transaction and application.

Stable! 1-to-1 ratio with the US dollar
Exchange USD and EUSD with 1:1 ratio on Epay platform

Standard! Compatible with the ERC20

                   can be traded and transformed freely in any Ethereum network.


Valuable! Application of the remittance platform

Embed a global remittance scenario, born for exchange value


As an official cryptocurrency of Epay ,EUSD by anchoring the US dollar to fix exchange rate,making it possess the credibility and value stability character of USD.Meanwhile, by the technical advantages of cryptocurrency in transfer, EUSD can effectively reduce the cost during the transaction process.

In the Epay global remittance network, a complete landing scenes for EUSD is designed, which can be not only used for users to deposit & withdraw, use, trade,etc, but can be used as a margin of exchanger, or stored,circulated as a transaction currency.

EUSD, Subverting traditional remittance scenarios

Epay is integrating exchange merchants and remittance users all over the world into a more efficient network, which is called Epay global remittance network.

EUSD is an extremely important part of Epay global remittance network.


Whenever a remitter initiates a remittance request, Epay global remittance network will match the best local payers and foreign senders to serve.


The cash flow of exchangers on the platform is realized by EUSD. The existence of EUSD can not only meet the requirements of the local regulatory system of the exchanger, but also make the whole remittance process faster and cost less.

EUSD how to build value ?

  • Epay will employ PricewaterhouseCoopers as the audit institution(or other relevant third-party independent audit agency) to regularly publish third party audit reports to verify the transparency and legality of EUSD. So that EUSD holders have a full understand of the issue, fund management of EUSD.
  • Epay currently has a global application scenario as a circulation support for EUSD.
  • Epay has obtained financial service licenses in several major financial regions and accepts strict local financial supervision. Therefore, Epay has strong legal and regulatory capabilities in the issuance of EUSD.


A brief introduction to EUSD is here, and we will keep bringing you more information about it.



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