Epay the third-year anniversary thanksgiving celebration

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Epay the third-year anniversary thanksgiving celebration
Thank you for being our side all the way round!

The 3rd anniversary party of Epay Global Limited

Shareholders gathered

We set sail in the storm , getting through the three years' hard times. Finally made the achievements step by step, just like the saying goes, little strokes fell great oaks.

At the beginning of 2014, nationwide Epay pioneers from all various fields gathered together for a common dream. Epay-man worked hard to move forward. At the third anniversary on March 21st 2017, Epay people getting together to review the road of Epay decent developing.

the founder of Epay Global LTD.

The Funder - Mr Hu Ganghong make a speech

Our commitment is everlasting, three years is only an embarkation for Epay business journey. Mr. Ganghong Hu, the founder of Epay Global LTD. give a speech in the celebration. Review the past three years, Epay has witnessed a continual growth and breakthrough in its marketing performance, and which products are tending mature. Besides Epay account payment, Epay Virtual Card, Currency Exchange and Epay Lucky Money, Epay has also developed a distinctive product: Super SCI - an astonishing integration API to collect many payment platform resources, which enables multiple payments API interface to only one Epay for diversified payment methods. Via an Epay account, users can easily and quickly implement multiple trading platforms together, and establish the interoperability among end users, trading platforms and exchangers, thus achieving a one-stop payment service.

Epay R&D Department

The outstanding team - R&D Department

Behind success is full of hardships and sweat.
Behind glory, people continue to hard-working firmly.

We wouldn't got any achievement without the support from every customer. The future is full of hope and flowers, while with thorns and marsh. In the face of new opportunities and challenges, we are so confident that nothing afraid.

Epay Marketing Elite team

Marketing elites


World dream, Epay go! Never end to get a higher limit!


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