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Founded in March 2014, Epay.com is the world’s leading online payment platform with decades of global payment experience and a wealth of resources at home and abroad, as well as the most professional technology and customer service team. And a strict risk control system to ensure the safety of every fund. Epay is always committed to providing users with the best quality payment experience.

Epay has provided customers with a better and more reliable online payment system, Users can purchase or sell Perfect Money(PM) through Epay account. Sell means you can deposit your PM to Epay then exchange it to other e-money such as Payeer, Advcash, Fasapay and so on. Or you can withdraw it to your bank account directly.

E-wallet deposit and withdraw is very convenient at Epay.com. By providing the simplest and most user-friendly process, users can deposit or withdraw in just a few clicks.

Users can withdraw to PM wallet and other e-wallets such as Advcash, Payeer, PayPal and Fasapay at any time and anywhere. You only pay 1% withdrawal fee.

Epay is the most affordable and reliable payment system, allowing users to handle a variety of services without paying huge service fees. With its convenient and instant, and the customer service can handle any problems online at any time.

Way to Deposit: https://www.epay.com/en/c/how_to_deposit_payeer_to_epay

Why is Epay the best partner of Perfect Money

1.Diversified deposit channels:

Epay supports the world’s mainstream e-wallets such as Perfect Money, AdvCash, PayPal, Payeer, FasaPay, etc. In addition international wire transfer. With so many ways of deposit, there is always one that is suited for you.

2. The cost is as low as 0%:

Epay not only provides a free online transfer service within the platform but also provides free international wire transfer deposit. The newly launched small local currency deposit service and global remittance network system can solve your deposit and remittance problems in multiple ways!

3. The service experience is good, and the platform user base is good:

As a payment platform, Epay has accumulated more than 300,000 domestic and overseas trading users after five years of accumulation in the payment industry.

Therefore, whether you are a Forex investor, a casino player or an international merchant, your Epay.com account can expand your business to the world, convenient and fast!


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