Anyone can do exchange business, free to start with Epay E-currency Auto Exchanger Script






Once upon a time, have you ever dreamed of launching an e-currency exchange business on the Internet? Is it hard to start?

Now, Epay will bring you a breaking good news that we will share the free Epay E-currency Auto Exchanger Script with you! Yes, all of you! With this, starting your own exchange business, is not just about having a dream.instant e-currency exchange

Well, then I will introduce this free exchanger scritp from what you were most concerned about:

What is Epay E-currency Auto Exchanger Script?
Epay E-currency Auto Exchange Script is an all-in-one solution for ecurrency auto exchange, through which you can establish and manage your exchanger website. It is also suitable for different personal websites to get extra income.

With this script, you don't need to reserve funds in multiple e-currencies or process orders. You will be instructed by our professional techniacians and experienced supports, even if you don't have any relevant experience, you can make money online!

What e-currencies are supported?
At present, Epay offers 5 most popular payment systems for auto-exchange such as Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer, OKPAY and FasaPay. Semi-automatic processors: PayPal/OKPAY/WebMoney withdrawal, more e-currenies will be available successively.

8 awesome features of Epay E-currency Auto Exchanger Script that you can't refuse
1. 1 Domain name + 1 API + 1 Epay account = Make money online
2. Automatic exchange and instant payment
3. Accept multiple payment options
4. Safety Guarantee: PCI-level 1
5. Handling fee and minimum transaction amount are all custom settings
6. Safe and reliable service since 2014
7. Prevention of fraudulent transactions
8. No stocks needed, and you don't have to register multiple E-currency accounts, either. There is no cost.

How to start your own e-currency exchange business with Epay?

Get started is as easy as 1, 2, 3...Only 3 real steps to ensure your business a successful start.

Step 1. Sign up: Apply for an Epay account
Step 2. Integrate: Select design examples and copy the code
Step 3. Compile: Copy the code to your site

How to start exchange business

For more detailed guidance please click on the link below:

How to start your e-currency auto exchange business with Epay?

Epay E-currency Auto Exchanger Script Instructions V1.0.pdf

How can you miss such a chance to earn money with Epay?

A work at home, business anyone can do. Start your own e-currency exchange business with us and benefit of our experience and technical support. Be sure we will help you make your business grow the fastest possible.

anyone can be an exchanger online


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