Bticoin platform Coinnice joined hands with Epay, and multiple international USD wallet (USDT) deposit is fully open





After Epay USD was supported by WEX (formerly named BTC-e), Exmo, Coinsbank, Bitit, Eobot and other BTC business platforms, Epay global limited (hereinafter referred to as "Epay") newly cooperated with Coinnice (the BTC-based digital currency transaction platform in order to provide users more convenient deposit channels.

Bticoin platform Coinnice joined hands with Epay is scheduled to open Epay USD trade service on November 1st. By then, users can use Epay USD to make transaction on Coinnice platform.

Coinnice Digital Currency Trading Platform ("Coinnice") was designed and developed by Beijing Grape Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Grape Technology"), and was officially launched in January 2015. This platform is a virtual currency trading platform for global digital currency enthusiasts with ssl, cold storage, distributed clusters and other technologies, ensuring the absolute security of the fund accounts.

So why Coinnice choose Epay as the only USDC deposit channel from so many payment platforms? Let us see the reasons.

Established in March 2014, is a globally leading online payment platform with decades of global payment experiences as well as rich domestic and foreign resources, besides it also equipped with the most professional technical and customer service team, and well-considered for risk control to ensure users' fund security. Epay has been committed to providing users with the best qualified payment experience.

Epay advantages:
1. Diversified deposit channels
Epay supports the most globally popular fiat token - Tether USDT (free deposit) and some world-leading e-wallets such as: Perfect Money , AdvCash, PayPal, Payeer, Payza, FasaPay etc. In addition, Epay also supports remittance service like international wire transfer, Western Union, Money Gram and Ria Money, so users could find the most suitable method from these diversified deposit channels.

Epay payment options

2. 0% Fee (Fee table)
Epay not only offers free online transfer services within the platform, but also offers free USDT and international wire transfer deposit service. Once you hold with USDT, 0% fee to deposit on Epay, then freely deposit to Coinnice USDC account. Action moves faster than hesitation to catch the welfare.

3. Unique service - Epay Multiple payment gateways(Super SCI)
Selecting Epay means choosing 6 flexible payment gateways. In other words, after Coinnice accessing the Epay Super Gateway, even if users do not have Epay accounts,they can still deposit via another six payment gateways supported by Epay, which skip the Epay registration. But for a long term, it is suggested to be an Epay member for free deposit service because the registration process is very simple.

4. Marvelous Service, good user base
As a payment platform, Epay currently has millions of domestic and foreign users after four-year precipitation and accumulation resulting from user experience - core for platform development.

One more emphasis: USDT service has been implemented on Epay since August, and now several top domestic Exchanges are frequently throwing olive branch to USDT users, so it is believed in the near future, USDT will become a major deposit methods on these mainstream BTC trading platforms.

Epay payment fees

No more hesitation, just enjoy Epay and trade on BTC platforms!


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