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Buying/Selling Bitcoin isn't quite as straightforward as buying other digital currency, but fortunately is here to help. We are honored to inform all Epay users that you can buy or sell BTC on from now on.

Buying/Selling Bitcoin

Before that, Bitcoin was provided as the way to deposit & withdraw on, users can deposit mBTC to exchange USD, then withdraw to Bank Wire or other digital currency on our platform. On the other hand, for Epay users who want to buy BTC, they need to add funds to Epay via Bank Wire or other e-currencies, or they already hold Epay USD, another essential step is to convert USD to mBTC, then withdraw mBTC to your BTC E-wallet. So we can see, this process is undoubtedly too difficult and troublesome for Bitcoin users. This is because, for Bitcoin users, the timeliness of exchange is the most critical.

At this point, Epay is perfect for BTC users to solve this problem. Epay system integrates with Bitstamp API to help you finish the Bitstamp's BTC market price trading. You can buy or sell Bitcoin via Epay with Bitstamp in a very short time. That means while you making a BTC trading on, Epay directly pulls the real-time exchange rate through the Bitstamp API. The cost we charge during the process is Bitstamp actual transaction fee plus Epay fee (now is free). For details, please click to check the current market price.

buy sell btc on

It must be noted that, when you make a trading order, Epay will charge you 10% of the deposit amount as a trading margin. Margin, to make sure the trading goes well when the real time BTC market price exceeds the planned one, later returned to your Epay account after trading ends.

Why choose Epay to buy/sell Bitcoin?
No Identity Verification
No Hidden Fees
Instant Trading
Secure and Transparent

Easily buy and sell bitcoin worldwide instantly with Epay USD. Come to simply use the Epay account to trade BTC directly on via Bitstamp Real Time Exchange!


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