How do I buy Bitcoin with AdvCash?

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buy Bitcoin with AdvCash

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money, and Bitcoin is the largest and most popular digital currency worldwide. The most interesting thing is that everyone seems to suddenly frantically want to get Bitcoin in a variety of ways. It seems as if BTC is in short supply, everyone wants BTC. If you hold AdvCash or other e-currencies and you want exchange to Bitcoin, then I will tell you how to fund your Bitcoin wallet via AdvCash. is the most affordable way you should choose to buy Bitcoin with no hidden charges and high-efficient service. Then how to buy Bitcoin with AdvCash on
1. With Epay account, log in, and deposit your Epay with AdvCash.
No setup fees, and only need an email, you can get an Epay account with 2 minutes, then please funding your Epay balance with AdvCash automatically. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes, very fast and efficient action.

2. Exchange to Bitcoin in Epay account.
After you deposit with AdvCash USD, you will hold Epay USD in your balance, please go for "Exchange" center, exchange your USD to mBTC and please note that the exchange rate changes in real time.

3. Withdraw your mBTC to your Bitcoin Wallet.
Click "Deposit & Withdraw" and choose the "BTC" to withdraw. Then add your Bitcoin address following the instructions, BTC withdrawal orders are all manually audited, Epay will deal with within 24h.

The whole process is very simple, and the charge is cheap, only charge 1.8% fee to deposit & withdraw, more details you can refer to:


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