As an overseas student, how many useful remittance methods do you know?





Many overseas students are always immersed in the joy of successfully applying for foreign schools, and they are about to start a new international study tour, which is really intense and exciting. However, in addition to preparing for the food, clothing, housing, and other aspects, you must face the problem of how to pay the tuition. There are countless remittances if you stay abroad. Each remittance cost 30–50 dollars. Not even mention the fees that parents need to pay when they send money. Then to choose a convenient and affordable way to send money is a must for overseas students. So how many useful remittance methods do you know?

Receive money by Western Union only takes 15 minutes

If the user needs to complete the overseas remittance as soon as possible in a short time, you can choose Western Union remittance but with a relatively high handling fee.

Western Union is a very global transfer remittance tool that supports many countries and banks. It has very close cooperation with China UnionPay. There are three ways to use Western Union to transfer money from China to the United States:

1. Go to a Western Union branch, some convenience stores have this service.

2. Everbright Bank and Agricultural Bank have Western Union remittances business

3. Use “UnionPay Online” to send online.


The handling fee of $1–500 is $15; the handling fee of $105–1000 is $20; the handling fee of $100–2000 is $25; and the handling fee of $2001-$9000 is $30. Compared with other remittance methods, Western Union remittance fees are relatively high.

Wire transfer remittance is most common

Wire transfer remittance is the most common way of remittances. Major banks generally support this type of remittance. It usually takes 2–3 days to arrive and in some cases, there may be a delay.

When the remittance amount is large, it is more favorable to choose the wire transfer method than the bank’s other remittance methods.

Epay global remittance support 12 currencies

At present, Epay opened 12 mainstream currencies including USD/HKD/EUR/PHP/GBP/RUB. By selecting the payment/receiving currency and entering the remittance amount, Epay will automatically calculate the receiving amount and cost for you. The price is clear and transparent. Exchange and Remit are completed in one step!

the remittance speed is fast, the cost is lower because Global Remittance is based on the blockchain technology.

As a student studying abroad, have you already understood the above three methods of remittance? You can choose the most suitable way to make foreign exchange payments!


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