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About Epay




1. About Epay Company

Epay is a platform dedicated to global remittance, payments, currency exchange and providing comprehensive financial services for users over 300,000 all over the world. Established in 2014. Epay is headquartered in Hong Kong and has branches in China, the United Kingdom, and Samoa. Epay obtained License For Operating Money Service in 2014 at HongKong and US Money Services Business License in 2019.

Main Business:

  • International Money Transfer
  • Pay and Receive Money Online
  • Digital Currency Buy and Sell
  • Money Exchange Service
  • Payment Method Provider

2. How does Epay GRN work?

Epay Global Remittance Network, short for Epay GRN, is an international money transfer product based on Blockchain technology, which is focused on solving high cost, low efficiency, and the inconvenient problems for small and medium-sized financial participants in cross-border payment.

In Epay GRN, there are 2 payment agencies involved in to accomplish the remittance. One to receive local currency paid by the sender, and the other to pay target currency to the receiver. The trading assets between 2 payment agencies are realized by Epay official stable coin EUSD.

Epay collaborates with hundreds of qualified payment agencies all over the world and currently supports currencies including the following, more will be supported soon.

  • HKD
  • AUD
  • JPY
  • VND
  • TRY
  • EUR
  • KRW
  • USD
  • NGN
  • PHP
  • SGD
  • PKR
  • RUB

Get started in 3 simple steps:

  • Create an account — Registration is free and could only take not more than 5 minutes.
  • Create a remittance order — Select payment and receiving currency, as well as the way how you pay and how he receives.
  • Send authorized payment agency your funds –Cash or bank account

3. Where can you use Epay GRN?

Personal: Send money at home, invest a property abroad and pay your mortgage internationally, pay for your international study fees, pay for luxury goods bought online, or maybe transfer money when you move overseas.

Business: Pay your overseas suppliers or overseas staffs.

4. Epay Fees

The fee is transparent and favorable. The average fee is about 1%-5% according to different routines. With a real-time exchange rate, no hidden fee will be included.

5. Advantages of Epay GRN

  • Low minimum remittance amount. Some currencies are even low to 100.
  • Without any hidden fee. Blockchain-based technology which is openness and transparency.
  • Minimizes overseas transfer fee. Avoiding high exchange fee charged by banks.
  • Faster & simpler payment channel. EUSD speeds up the whole remittance process. The receiver can get the payment within 1 hour at the earliest.
  • Real-time exchange rate.

6. Disadvantages of Epay GRN

  • The currencies currently supported are very little.
  • Mobile App function is not ready.

7. Summarize

Today, sending money internationally has been made easy by various financial services found online. Epay has been in payment and blockchain industry for over 5 years. Epay GRN can be said a derivative by Epay from many years’ experiences in financial and blockchain industry. Epay GRN may be a better choice for people as long as it fixes the 2 disadvantages mentioned above.


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