A detailed tutorial teach you how to correctly use Okex.

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As many cryptocurrency investor known, Okex is a world-leading digital asset exchange, providing advanced financial services to global traders by using blockchain technology.

It is one of the world's leading digital asset trading platforms, providing spot and contract trading services for digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethercoin to global users.

Let’s list the mainly powerful function of Okex:

1.Token / Margin Trading in Okex.

It is convenient for you to make the cryptocurrency trading, it can strightly exchange between cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency. You can use BTC to exchange LTC, ETH, ETC, and BCC. Or you have LTC, ETH, ETC, BCC, or you can directly sell and convert to BTC. You can switch between different currencies directly, conveniently and quickly.

2.Futures Trading

Futures Trading are made by buying and selling futures contracts in cryptocurrencies. Users determine long-short directions based on price forecasts for cryptocurrencies and use the corresponding cryptocurrency for settlement.

Currently Okex has launched two contract transactions, the BTC contract and the LTC contract.

BTC Contract & LTC contract they all can earn the income through price increases do more buying contract or to earn income by selling BTC & LTC when its price drop.

3.Fiat Trading

A trusted platform with intuitive user interface allowing professionals to trade tokens with fiat currency conveniently, its function can solve some users financial security concerns.

4.Own cryptocurrency: OKB

Previously, Okcoin issued the own cryptocurrency OKB which will run on its okchain in the future. Its the opening quotation price is 1USDT and the current price is 1.15USDT. In the future, OKB will be used in digital asset trading, voting rights, and value-added services.


However, Okex haven’t support international wire transfer to deposit before, it is not a small gap for themselves. For a long run business development, Okex support the USDT deposit throught Epay now! This action will solve Okex's big problem, can strightly push the USDT direct transaction volume and bring more potential customers.

Select Epay is your most explicit decision!

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